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  • GIS - Interesting instrument for forestry planning concepts at local and regional level
    GIS for Town and Country Planning department
    Using GIS for urban planning in the municipality_
  • Developing Web Mapping Applications that Leverage GIS

    Most organizations have already integrated Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) into at least some critical line of business workflows.

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  • Brochures

    Quantum Asia offers a variety of brochures to individuals with an interest in GIS, CAD & IT related information. All information contained in our brochures can be found on this website. You can also view and download of our brochures.

    Quantum Asia Corporate Brochure  
    Quantum Asia industry knowledge and experience will help you in decision making.


    NRCD Overview 
    GIS & IT advisory services to National River Conservation Directorate


    ASP MAP Overview 
    ASP Map is a map which gives the geographical information of a particular area using various web mapping components and Ajax Applications.


    LP360 for ArcGIS
    LP360 for ArcGIS seamlessly integrates 3D point clouds into ArcMap.