GIS Services

Quantum Asia strives to be the best service provider of GIS mapping services and solutions. We endeavor to provide best-in-class services to companies requiring help in getting spatial information mapped and interpreted.

  • GIS Services

    Partnering with today’s leading spatial software application providers, Quantum Asia can work with companies to automate business processes and improve overall performance via Application Development, Database and Data Development, Systems Integration and Information Technology Infrastructure. We have extensive set of skills in the area of GIS implementation as well as custom application development.

    We have cutting edge knowledge of data mapping, feature extraction/compilation, management of information and integrating enterprises through GIS expertise.

    We have worked with various government departments and developed numerous spatial applications which are seamlessly integrated to work flow.

    Our major clients are from a cross-section of Industries ………..


    • Land Development Authorities
    • Municipalities
    • River Conservative Directories
    • Mining Companies
    • Pollution Control Boards
  • Data Services

    Ensuring data accuracy is key to successful implementation as decisions are based on data from the database. Hence we ensure the accuracy during the field data collection and while creating it. We undertake GPS, DGPS, Property and Utilities survey. We have successfully completed numerous projects across India.
    There is the presence of existing digital maps data for GIS use from public and private sources. The careful use of this data substantially reduces the time and cost involved during the GIS database development stage. We assist clients in finding appropriate existing data sources and compiling these varied data into a unified GIS database. The following data related services are offered….


    • Data Collection
    • Image Processing
    • Data Creation
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Cleaning and Validation
    • Digital Photo Interpretation
    • Cartographic Plotting
    • Off-Site GIS Management
    • Data Migration
  • Remote sensing

    Quantum Asia provides a complete range of services to help clients obtain the best type of Digital Imagery, whether it is Aerial Photography or Satellite Imagery.

    Quantum Asia have Twelve Plus years of experience in Remote Sensing and use the latest image processing and GIS software; can deliver the results quickly from desktop, web or mobile devices-making imagery more accessible, more powerful and easier to use across all types of industries and applications including Mineral Exploration, Forestry, Land-Use Management, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

    With extensive experience in Remote Sensing, Image Interpretation and Image Classification through projects we have become well known for our innovative techniques and ability to perform highly detailed and accurate land cover classifications in remote areas. Our Remote Sensing services include….


    • Land use / Land cover Mapping
    • Environmental Applications
    • Urban Mapping
    • Natural Resource Mapping
    • Watershed Management
    • Utility Planning
  • arcgisArcGIS
    To make informed and high-level decisions ArcGIS is a platform where we can perform analysis and understanding the data. Users can access maps, data and applications. Using ArcGIS will improve the ability and make a variance through mapping, analysis and data management.

    Application Services

    • Web-based applications that can be configured to meet the needs of the people using them, ranging from executives, technical staff and field workers.
    • Ability to get up-to-date information to field operations
    • Tools and services for maintaining your data integrity
    • A platform for viewing and disseminating results

    Desktop GIS
    Server GIS
    Online GIS

    Mobile GIS

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