Industries We Serve

Our Clients are from cross section of industries, we strive to be a trusted business partner and work hard to ensure our clients realize significant business value for their investment-both today and into the future.

  • Government

    Government departments rely on accurate and timely information about the geographic distribution of demand for their services and their supply capabilities – both for policy making and optimizing service delivery.

    Web Mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are widely recognized as key enablers in the data sharing. Spatial information systems use the power of location to share information between people and systems within the organization, as well as sharing information with the public.

    Quantum Asia’s strength in information-sharing and adherence to open standards in Web Mapping, GIS and IT.

    Quantum Asia is helping state, central and municipal governments to meet the challenges, in many departments including…..

    • E-Governance
    • Environment & Forests Management
    • Natural Resources
    • Land Records & Administration
    • Property Tax Management
    • Urban Planning
  • Transportation

    Transportation departments face many challenges that affect master planning, data collection and management. While attempting to meet their particular business objectives, transport departments also face issues unique to their industry – security and emergency management, alternative route visualization, lease management – that can be successfully addressed only by field-proven solutions and services.

    Our GIS Solutions have established a solid reputation in the transportation industry by providing innovative consulting services and customized solutions that meet the specific business objectives of our clients. Many of our transportation projects have included……

    • Data Geometry Transformation
    • Data Verification
    • Dynamic Segmentation
    • Data Compression
    • Web Based Mapping
    • Data Change Detection
  • Natural Resources Management

    Quantum Asia GIS Services are used for not only to preserve and manage our natural resources but it is also an instrumental tool for businesses and government agencies to harness the value of managing our resources effectively.

    Environment, Water Resources, Forestry and Agriculture are the areas where our value is enhanced by our ability to access from across our strong networks with different skills and knowledge in protecting and effectively planning our use of natural resources.

    Quantum Asia has capabilities by combining a wealth of different types of data to predict and assess complex environmental relationships such as water quality, as well as to model potential actual events and track changes. We have the ability to improve workflows and track land-based management activities; we assist our clients in utilizing mobile applications which will allow you to input data while still in the field, saving time and increasing accuracy.

    Our solutions includes in Surveying, Mapping, Monitoring, Evaluation, Land use assessment, Landscape change, Biodiversity, Rehabilitation and Soil analysis.

    Areas which we have experience are ….

    • Agriculture
    • Forestry
    • Environmental Management
    • Soil and Land Degradation
    • Waste Land Management
    • Water Resources
  • Utilities

    There are many need based problems facing the Utility Industry. Quantum Asia can provide solutions to these complex issues by utilizing our vast selection of geospatial data software and products. Our highly trained staff can analyze the Utility Industry’s core difficulties by presenting solutions effectively with guaranteed quality and efficacy.

    Our many years of expertise can easily perform analysis that identifies and solves the most common permitting obstacles. We support our customers by preparing prospecting maps that highlight key areas of geographical interest. Quantum Asia’s highly sophisticated data conversion programs can aid the Utility Industry by converting and organizing these visual resources into applicable business solutions.

  • Financial Services

    Quantum Asia has cultivated longstanding relationships with banking and financial institutions to better position ourselves for success. We provide solutions in banking and finance with geographical tools to obtain a competitive advantage as well as ensure compliance and customer service levels.

    GIS technology can identify ideal bank and ATM locations based on customer activity and clustering. These same geographic tools can analyze a competitor’s activity and provide insight for future improvements.

    We can help your business in …….

    • Bank & ATM Site Analysis.
    • Bank Network Competition & Optimization.
    • Customer Management
    • Web-Based Solutions.
  • Mining-Minerals

    Quantum Asia provides state-of-the-art custom Desktop and Web Mapping Solutions, GIS Data Model Development and GIS Database Development for the Mining and Minerals industry.

    Most information, including asset information has some sort of spatial component that can be represented in a GIS form. Crucial business decisions often require careful analysis of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Surveys, Maps, Aerial Photography and numerous amounts of other information become scattered within a company’s database.

    As the foremost experts in GIS Development and Web Mapping, Quantum Asia can unite authoritative data, while maintaining its integrity, and present it in a simple yet meaningful way. Our GIS Web Mapping Applications are not additional software programs but are fully customizable, ESRI powered, GIS solutions developed with client specific tools to precisely meet the needs of the customers.