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Geographic information systems (GIS) is a relatively small, but rapidly growing part of the IT sector. There are many different job roles in the sector, all of which are highly skilled and requires well trained and diversified staff to keep pace with rapidly changing systems and capabilities. So it’s more important to have the right professionals in place to ensure the business stays ahead of the competition and inspires confidence in the customers.

GIS Staffing ServicesQuantum Asia provide the very best in supplying staff and placement outcomes for today’s highly competitive marketplace. We help ensure our client organizations are comprised of the very best people – those with proven ability, motivation, and passion for their careers. we have created a cost effective specialist recruitment service aiming directly at the GIS and Spatial Sciences.

Our employees are located all over the India. We hire the best and brightest GIS professionals with the highest levels of experience in the ArcGIS platform, SQL Server, map production, data maintenance, GIS project coordination, GIS analysis, and custom application development.

We have been managing the resources from startups to big enterprises for private and public sector clients, whether you’re looking for Short term help, Long term contract workers, Seasonal help or a Permanent hire, we have a talent pool of candidates ready to assist.

We routinely recruit a variety of Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals.

Design Categories Technical Professionals Technologies
Geospatial Solutions Architect Project Manager ArcGIS Server
GIS Design, Development, and Integration GIS-Tech Lead Arc Info | ArcView | Arc Map
GIS Data Processing & Migration GIS Developer ASP Map
Survey, Mapping, GIS GIS Analyst ERDAS Apollo
Specializing in Government/ non Government programs Image Processing Expert Intergraph Z/I
  Digitization Supervisor Microsoft Suite
  Digitization Operator Java Script | .Net | PHP

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